Conventional Hydronic Heating

A hydronic heating system uses a boiler to heat water that’s circulated through insulated pipe work to a register placed in every room. The most common registers used are convector heating panels, but trench convectors, radiant panels, skirting convectors and floor coils can also be used.

The heat is transmitted through either convection or radiation, depending on what type of register is used. These two types of heat distribution are very clean, quiet and a natural way to heat your home as they don’t dry out the air, circulate aeroallergens or use fan force. The health industry uses hydronic heating supplies for these very reasons.

Not only is hydronic heating a clean way to heat you home, it’s also a very efficient & cost effective form of central heating. Hydrotherm uses boilers with efficiency ratings from 80%-97% – resulting in a much lower running cost compared to other forms of central heating. Hydronic heating cost savings of 20% will be made on houses with 2.7m ceilings and up to 40%-50% on houses with taller ceilings when compared to gas ducted heating.

The use of a central thermostat and thermostatic valves helps you get the most out of your hydronic heating system. Hydronic heating supplies like individual thermostats can be installed in each room allowing for complete independent temperature control resulting energy efficiency. Hydrotherm uses a Siemens thermostat as the central control unit for your system. The Siemens unit is user friendly and hassle free, allowing you to program temperature settings suited to your needs and works automatically to control the temperature.

Hydronic heating supplies is also safe for your children and the elderly. There are no exposed flames or electrical connections that become fire hazards and the water temperature circulates at Delta T 60 degrees Celsius, making panels safe to touch.

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