Hydronic Underfloor Heating

Hydronic Floor coil heating is an efficient, clean and unobtrusive way to heat your home. The system uses lower water temperatures than panel heating which reduces running costs for hydronic underfloor heating. Combining a condensing boiler with a floor coil heating system will improve efficiency and will further reduce running costs making it a sensible choice for your family home.

Hydronic floor coil heating circulates hot water from a hydronic boiler to a manifold, throughout pipe work laid in the slab (tied to the reinforcement mesh at construction stage of the build) and back to the boiler for recirculation. The coils are laid across the full scale of a room underfloor providing even heat distribution for maximum comfort. It is most effective when laid in a screed with an insulation underlay. The best floor coverings used for hydronic floor heating are polished concrete and tiles but can also be used with carpet. Floor boards cannot be used as a covering for underfloor coil heating. Floor coil heating systems can be zoned through the manifold meaning you can control the heat distribution to individual rooms.

Floor coil heating systems can be combined with convection or radiant panels through the use of a partage kit. The two systems run at different temperatures and the partage kit controls the temperatures to both the floor coils and the panels. The partage kit makes it possible to heat a two storey home using only one hydronic boiler.

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