Melbourne Hydronic Heating

The GreenHeat system provides circulated hot water throughout the home via a flow-and-return ring main, delivering hot water quickly to all hot water outlets. While the hot water is circulated through hydronic heating to service various fixtures throughout your home, it flows through your individually designed radiators and heated bathroom rails, providing gentle and radiant heat.

The GreenHeat system has also been designed to run in conjunction with a solar setup. Solar energy can be harnessed to pre-heat the GreenHeat system, in turn, cutting down running costs and gas consumption for your hot water needs.

Combining your home hydronic heating system with your household hot water requirements also drastically reduces your overall installation costs by utilising one boiler for both heating and hot water, making the comforting lifestyle of hydronic heating much more affordable.

How It Works (Refer to GreenHeat floor plan)

The GreenHeat Ring main provides circulated hot water to all fixtures.

The Red pipe indicates the FLOW line that supplies hot water to each fixture.

The Blue pipe indicates the RETURN line of the water that circulates back to the water heater. This water is only heated if it drops in temperature below 65 degrees Celsius.

The Adjustable Restriction Valve enables water to bypass if the heating units are switched off.

All pipes used are Rehau plastic pipe with Armaflex insulation to eliminate heat loss in the line.

Radiators and towel rails are then plumbed in off the main line to provide clean, ambient heat to all areas required. The Hydrotherm towel rails and radiators are entirely manufactured in Australia from certified materials and approved by the Victorian Plumbing Board & Master Plumbers Association.

Warm to the touch, our contemporary European style radiators come in a huge range of sizes to suit your individual application. A feature within any modern home in Melbourne, the clean, silent radiators are sleek and stylish, leading us into a new direction in home comfort.

Hydrotherm H20 panels are wholly manufactured in Australia from 100% copper tubes made to AS/NZ 3500 standard. They’re safe to use in potable water systems and they’re available in over 100 different colours from the Dulux Powder Coat Range.

We offer an extensive array of sizes ranging from 280mm to 2600mm wide and from 300mm to 2800mm high in Melbourne.

If you would like a quote or any further information on all your Melbourne hydronic heating needs, please visit the contact us page.

Greenheat Floor Plan
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